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12 Month Warranty on all our Repairs

We service & repair digital SLR cameras, video cameras, digital compact cameras, lenses, flashes & other photography equipment for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma, Tokina, Casio & Ricoh.


We also specialize in copying & transferring video tape to DVD & Blu-ray, audio tapes to CD & MP3, standard 8, super 8 & 16mm film transfer DVD, Blu-ray and other digital formats.


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Works Perfect is located at

Stockland Piccadilly

Shop 34, 210 Pitt Street

Sydney, NSW 2000 

Directly opposite the Hilton on Pitt street in the food court on level 1

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Deal directly with our trusted technicians who have over 25 years' experience in a types of digital camera repairs and Video/Audio/File copying.

Why deal with Works Perfect, it's simple we offer a 12 month commercial and domestic and warranty, back our repairs up with this warranty proving that your item is repaired perfectly, not only is your item repaired, you get to join the Works Perfect Family for life and always get a top notch service at a good price. We never forget our customers.  

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We repair

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Casio, Pentax, Ricoh, Tokina, Sigma & Olympus.


Our Quotation charge is $40.00 per item on all Repairs (This excludes all copying jobs)


We are fast becoming Australia's No. 1 Digital Camera Repair Shop.

We have found that dealing directly with the technicians, our customers have learned a lot about what goes on in there camera, what causes the faults and sometimes simple fixes and advice to avoid further issues. We give you the latest & right advice. We look after all our customers and if we cannot sort out the issue we are more than happy to point you in the right direction. Call our friendly staff today

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Our Goal

Providing our customers with honest trustworthy, fresh & friendly service at the highest quality in all repairs & video/audio copying at the right price along with the right advice

Deal with people you can trust

camera repair centre Sydney

canon camera repairs


Send us your unwanted damaged Digital cameras, Digital SLR cameras, video cameras, Lenses, Flashes. We will offer a discount on repairs and/or copying work done by us.

We Recycle the parts and keep our environment clean

  • 24 hour turnaround on CCD Sensor cleaning for Digital SLR
  • All repairs are done on site with our expert Technicians
  • Deal direct with the Technicians
  • Over the counter estimates
  • Fast email response
  • Quick and efficient turnaround time
  • Using only genuine parts


If you would like to upgrade or purchase a new camera we recommend

Discount Digital Photographics

Located in North Sydney you can purchase online http://www.d-d-photographics.com.au/or drop into there store. They are very well priced and there customer service is exceptional 


Other Brands we do not support or repair

Fujifilm, JVC, Tamron & Samsung

We Do Not Repair Waterproof Cameras, Deal Direct with the Manufacture of the Camera


Super 8mm & Standard 8 Film to Digital Copying service

We provide the Highest Quality in Film transfer to Blu-Ray 1370x1040 at and other Digital Formats at 1370x1040 & DVD at 720x576


DVD Copying Types

DVD to DVD copying - Video to DVD copying - VHS to DVD copying - Super VHS to DVD - Digital 8 to DVD Copying - Hi 8 to DVD copying - Beta to DVD copying - Mini DVD to DVD copying - VHS-C to DVD copying - HDD to DVD copying - Memory Card to DVD copying - Other Media Types to DVD copying -SD/CF Cards to DVD - Video File to DVD copying - Standard 8mm Film to DVD - Super 8mm Film to DVD - 16mm Film to DVD

NTSC to PAL Conversions

Audio Copying Types

CD to CD copying - Cassette tape to CD copying - Vinyl Records to CD copying - Audio Reels to CD copying - Mini Disc to CD copying - Mini Cassette to CD copying - Micro Cassette to CD copying - Audio File to CD copying

Video and Audio Format Conversions MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, VOB, WAVE, MPG, AAC, WMA,MMF, FLAC etc. 


Important Information to Know

It is important that when you get your video tapes transferred to a digital media format such as a DVD, Blu-ray, USB stick, memory card or hard drive that the information is not lost, damaged or corrupted.

A physical hard copy can be a CD, DVD or Blu-ray and an electronic hard copy can be a USB stick, SD card, external or internal hard drive.

We strongly advice that you transfer all information in your preferred physical hard copy (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) before storing them into an electronic hard copy (USB, Hard Drive).

By transferring all your valuable digital information such as your video recordings, sound recordings and other document information in a physical hard copy, you are saving your information from being affected by any electronic breakdowns or being corrupted by viruses.

Unfortunately, if your computer crashes or your memory card gets a virus all information will get corrupted and all your files may be lost forever.

Storing information in a CD, DVD or Blu-ray may last longer and they cannot be affected by viruses. But the same as anything else in this world, they can still be damaged so it is important that you keep them safe from any physical damage such as scratches.

Once you have transferred your valuable digital information into your preferred physical hard copy, we highly suggest that you make a backup copy to be stored away and only to be used for duplication purposes. If you are concerned of any quality loss, it's safe to say that multiple duplication of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray will not lessen the quality of your digital information, unless you change the setting to a lower resolution of, course.

To sum this all up, we all know how precious our memories are and we will try to hold on to them to show the generations to come. As years go by, we gather more memories and more digital information so make sure you transfer them in a physical hard copy and back them up everywhere. We are sure there will be more technology advances to come in the future that will make it easier for us to store valuable digital information.


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Digitally transfer all your videos to DVD or a digital format of your choice such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG2, WMV etc. at the highest quality.  

vhs to dvd


For more information call us today or click on the icons located around the screen.  


Trading Hours

Monday to Friday - 9am till 5pm
Saturday - 11am till 3pm
Sunday - Closed 


Stockland Piccadilly
Works Perfect
Level 1, Shop 34, 210 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000 
  • We are located opposite the Hilton on Pitt street on the food court on level 1 of the stockland Piccadilly Shopping Centre
  • Undergound Pay Parking Located, 133 Castlereagh street. Stockland Building
  • Lift access for wheelchairs and prams also located just off 133 Castlereagh Street entrance into Stockland Building

Common camera repairs we fix

camera repairs sydney

Replacing cracked LCD screens on damaged digital camera repair

camera repair sydney cbd we repair and service digital slr camera, digital compact cameras, video cameras, lenses, speedlite flashes for canon, nikon, sony, panasonic, pentax, sigma & tokina. deal with the professional experts

Replacing damaged shutter assembly on digital SLR camera repairs

bent CF pins camera repair

Bent & damaged SD pins repair & replacement digital compact and & Digital SLR's

digital camera repairs sydney

Replacing or repairing damaged USB ports on digital SLR camera repairs

video camera repairs

Replacing or repairing damaged lenses or tape mechanism assembley on video camera repairs

digital camera repair centre

Scratched & damaged lens optic replacements on all cameras and lenses

digital SLR repair and compact camera repair for bent CF and SD card socket repair, Canon EOS 5D MKII & MKIII CF socket repair and replacement camera repair experts

CF card socket pins repair & Replacement digital compact and & Digital SLR camera Repairs 


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Works Perfect Camera Repair Centre Sydney CBD - We Service & Repair Digital SLR Cameras, Video Cameras, Digital Compact Cameras, Lenses, Flashes & Photography Equipment For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma, Tokina, Casio & Ricoh.  We also specialize in Copying & Transferring Video Tape to DVD & Blu-ray, Audio Tapes to CD & MP3, Standard 8, Super 8 & 16mm Film Transfer DVD, Blu-ray and other Digital Formats 


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