Standard 8 & Super 8mm Film Copying Service


We provide the highest quality in transferring all your old Super 8, Standard 8mm Cine Film to DVD, Blu-Ray, USB in any Digital Format of your Choice AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, VOB etc.


Using frame by frame Full HD true image pixel ratio width 1370 x height 1040 approx onto Blu-ray recording & digital format transfer technology to any format of your choice such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG-2 etc.

 Using the latest technology we guarantee you will never have to worry about losing quality in films and never have to go through the process of transferring your film to digital. Once we have transferred your films to digital, you will have better access to your home movies or whatever you may have recorded. By locking in that film to digital you will be able to transfer the video files to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer and DVD/Blu-ray players. The possibilities are endless.


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Standard 8mm Film Transfer to Digital

Sample 1 - Click on image to watch the footage on Youtube

Sample 2 - Click on image to watch the footage on Youtube

Super 8mm Film Transfer to Digital

Sample 1 - Click on image to watch the footage on Youtube

Sample 2 - Click on image to watch the footage on Youtube



Don't be left behind with other inferior copying services that charge you an arm and a leg for all those different options such as background music, clearer images, different media types such as Blu-ray or digital editable formats, DVD printing & labelling, backing the film onto hard drives etc. We do it right the first time and give you the very best results, professional service, right advice at an affordable price, because we believe you should be up to date with technology progression and have only the best service.


We use the right equipment and software to provide the highest quality for Film transfer to Blu-Ray 1370x1040 and other Digital Formats at 1370x1040 & DVD at 720x576


Why Choose Us    


  • We provide exact video picture quality transfer to digital  
  • Competitive Pricing
  • All film tapes are professionally copied in our secure premises (24 hour security) 
  • We understand the importance of keeping your film tapes in the same condition and we return all tapes back to our customers     
  • We value and provide great customer service
  • We find the best way to get the highest quality in copying
  • Very fast turnaround time

As professional video & audio experts, we use the right equipment and software to ensure that we get the best results from your old analog media to digital formats.


  •     True image pixel ratio width 1370 x height 1040 approx      onto Blu-ray and other digital formats such as MOV,      AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 etc.
  •     True image pixel ratio to DVD width 720 x height 576
  •     Full HD quality (looks great on 60" LED, LCD, Plasma     TV's or projectors)
  •     emphasized film sharpness & details
  •     background noise, hazing, distortion reduction or     eliminated
  •     speed correction & noise reduction
  •     Speed motion correction
  •     No flicker
  •     Detail, contrast, sharpness & brightness enhanced
  •     no colour bleed
  •     real to life colours & correct colour correction
  •     film video even distribution
  •     no streaks, motion blur, ghosting, frame blending or     wobble
  •     removal of blank video sections or unwanted video     footage
  •     free slicing and film repair service
  •     expert advice on getting the best video recording from     your films
  •     our brand of DVD's have been proven and tested now     for well over 16 years and have a lifetime guarantee
  •     HD recording to Blu-rays have been proven and tested     now for well over 5 years also have a lifetime guarantee
  •     all DVD's & Blu-rays come with menu selection of each     reel
  •     all DVD's & Blu-rays come with title printing
  •     All films are automatically transferred into a High     Definition editable digital format of your choice such as     MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG2, WMV etc.
  •     maximum amount of time that we place onto a DVD is     90 minutes (1.5 Hours) for the most optimal and highest     video and audio quality

Here at Works Perfect we go out of our way to provide our customers the right advice and get the job done quickly and efficiently at a good price.


Important information to know 

It is important that when you get your video tapes transferred to a digital media format such as a DVD, Blu-ray, USB stick, memory card or hard drive that the information is not lost, damaged or corrupted.A physical hard copy can be a CD, DVD or Blu-ray and an electronic hard copy can be a USB stick, SD card, external or internal hard drive.We strongly advice that you transfer all information in your preferred physical hard copy (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) before storing them into an electronic hard copy (USB, Hard Drive).By transferring all your valuable digital information such as your video recordings, sound recordings and other document information in a physical hard copy, you are saving your information from being affected by any electronic breakdowns or being corrupted by viruses.Unfortunately, if your computer crashes or your memory card gets a virus all information will get corrupted and all your files may be lost forever.Storing information in a CD, DVD or Blu-ray may last longer and they cannot be affected by viruses. But the same as anything else in this world, they can still be damaged so it is important that you keep them safe from any physical damage such as scratches.Once you have transferred your valuable digital information into your preferred physical hard copy, we highly suggest that you make a backup copy to be stored away and only to be used for duplication purposes. If you are concerned of any quality loss, it's safe to say that multiple duplication of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray will not lessen the quality of your digital information, unless you change the setting to a lower resolution of, course.To sum this all up, we all know how precious our memories are and we will try to hold on to them to show the generations to come. As years go by, we gather more memories and more digital information so make sure you transfer them in a physical hard copy and back them up everywhere. We are sure there will be more technology advances to come in the future that will make it easier for us to store valuable digital information.




All copies are transferred to DVD and transferred into a digital format of your choice AVI, MP4, MPEG2, MOV, WMV etc. so you have the option to edit or back up your footage


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Our machines transfer at the highest quality ensuring the picture is sharp and clear   


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