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Our technician has over 22 years experience in the electronics repair industry which includes Repairing Digital Compact Cameras, Digital SLR Cameras, Video Cameras, Lenses, Plasma /LCD TVs, VCRs, Hi Fi units, CD/DVD Players/Recording components and other electronic devices also a strong and professional background and experience in Video, Audio and File transferring and copying industry.

As technology changes so does our equipment & tools to keep our customers uptodate with only the best.

We offer an 12 month warranty, higher than any other repair centre around only because we know our repairs are done correctly. 

We strive to bring a professional, trusting, friendly, reliable well priced service for our customers along with the aftermarket support and right advice. 

We are located in the heart of Sydney with a convenient location for our customers. Come visit Works Perfect and deal directly with our technician.















































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