We Now Offer a 12 Month Warranty on all our Repairs


Flash Repair Service



Nikon no longer supplies our service centre with parts. Due to this misfortune we are limited in getting Nikon parts.

Enquires are welcome, will do our best to locate parts if required

  Our service centre takes pride in providing a trusting, affordable, professional, friendly service along with the highest quality in workmanship

We repair and servicing most major brands such as Canon, Sony, Panasonic.

Repair Quote Information

It will cost $50.00 per item to book in and have your item assessed and quoted.

If the quote is accepted and the item is given the go ahead to be repair then the $50.00 quotation charge is no longer applicable.

If the quote is refused then the $50.00 quotation charge will be required upon collection.

We can also type up an insurance quote if required and email it back to you so you can submit the quote to your insurance company if required and if your item is covered under your insurance claim.                        

You can visit our store or posting the item to us is welcomed.

Once the unit has been assessed we will inform you of what is at fault, what is required to repair the fault, pricing involved and a time frame for completion.

We do currently require 7 to 12 working days to have your item checked and quoted.


  • All repairs are done on site
  • Deal direct with the Technicians
  • Over the counter estimates
  • Fast email response
  • Quick and efficient turnaround time
  • Using only genuine parts
  • All Flashes are serviced, cleaned, tested and checked
  • Postage and delivery service available
  • Special fixed price service for buisiness and companies that supply 5 or more items to be repaired a week

 Common repairs we do -

  • Blown flash replacements
  • Cleaning corrosion build up
  • Hotshoe repairs and replacement
  • Capacitor replacements
  • Component repacement and repairs
  • All Mechanical and Electronic repairs  


Only use genuine parts. We do stock some parts that are salvaged from other units and the customer is given the option if parts are no longer manufactured. We only use salvaged parts if we have the customers consent and if we believe the part is up to high standard.

We beleive in our quality in repairs that we offer a 6 month warranty on what we have fixed. 

12 month warranty on all of our repaires

Our warranty does not cover damage due to any type of impact damage, liquid damage, sand, dirt or foreign objects are found inside the repaired device.

For a FREE ESTIMATE click below 'Estimated Repair Cost' located on the top left side of this page and fill out the form for a 24 hour response including an estimated quote.


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